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About Us

CloudSandwich has been directly developed from the collective business experiences of the founders: Peggy Steevensz and Andy Rosen http://www.linkedin.com/in/uground

Peggy and Andy have spent many years working as business partners, based in Los Angeles, CA. They have owned and operated a number of successful companies in film production, management, music, design and technology.

  • The Brain.com an organizational software company
  • Desktop Toys – consumer software line of toys with Electronic Arts
  • Uground Media an Internet advertising/design/creative agency
  • Underground Media a record label with Virgin Records
  • The Underground Inc a production and talent management company

In 2007 Peggy and Andy  with software developer Bjoern Gündel  founded “GetReel” a web application development company to provide software solutions to the entertainment industry.

In particular they developed:

  • icast which was used by Universal Studios to cast the movie American Wedding
  • Idirector a video showreel presentation/delivery system
  • Supastream a video streaming application
  • Getreel.net a virtual workspace, collaboration and social network for the entertainment industry

In 2009 we began working with Robert Derham to re-build checkorphan.org and to help market  www.getreelhealth.com a virtual workspace, collaboration and social network for healthcare professionals.

Robert  is the founder and president of CheckOrphan a non-profit organization located in Basel, Switzerland and Santa Cruz, California that is dedicated to rare, orphan and neglected diseases. CheckOrphan offers users an interactive and dynamic platform for all these diseases. Checkorphan.org is built on the Cloud Sandwich platform and includes one of the largest rare disease database – developed by us – with 7,500 rare diseases.

In 2011 we re-branded the company as Cloudsandwich.com in preparation for an official launch.

We are currently working in private beta trials with select companies in healthcare and entertainment.

CloudSandwich is a fully developed, documented and custom coded LAMP, Zend framework software platform. CloudSandwich’s infrastructure runs on an Amazon EC2 cluster. Its production farm is custom configured to provide robust fault tolerance and scalability developed specifically for our application. Currently it has the capacity to store virtually unlimited data, transcode and broadcast an unlimited amount of video, and instantly scale out and in our systems to handle load spikes.

CloudSandwich is officially launching in August 2011.


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