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Where’s the media ?

Very few business collaboration platforms have fully integrated video and visual media capabilities.

This is surprising considering the demand for video and imagery capabilities is now essential in everyday business collaboration and communication.

CloudSandwich is a media centric social business collaboration and communication platform.

CloudSandwich represents the next step for cloud based business collaboration platforms where digital and video asset management, virtual workspaces, collaboration, networking and community come together as one integrated solution. CloudSandwich empowers virtual teams, partners, co -workers, sales reps, managers, agents and clients to interact in a highly productive collaborative online environment which leverages the collective intelligence and knowledge of a network of users – inside and outside a company.

CloudSandwich delivers advanced digital video and image management, collaboration and streaming capabilities enabling a user to work seamlessly with all  file formats and deploy  documents and rich media in a single workflow. This media centric component clearly distinguishes CloudSandwich from the likes Jive Software, Yammer, Basecamp and Box.net which are more suited to document workflows and have very limited integrated  video and visual media capabilities.