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About CloudSandwich

The demand for video and imagery capabilities is now essential in everyday business collaboration and communication.

CloudSandwich is a media centric social business collaboration and communication platform .

Think a combination of  Jivesoftware.com, Yammer.com, 37signals.com (Basecamp) and Box.net.

CloudSandwich represents the next step for cloud based business collaboration platforms where digital file and video asset management, virtual workspaces, collaboration, networking and community come together as one integrated solution.

We make it simple for companies store digital and video assets, connect, communicate and collaborate, form communities, groups, projects, network freely sharing and exchanging ideas, knowledge inside the company and outside.

CloudSandwich integrates advanced digital video and rich media management, collaboration, delivery and streaming capabilities. This media centric component clearly distinguishes CloudSandwich from the likes Jive Software, Yammer, Basecamp and Box.net which are more suited to document workflows and have very limited integrated video and visual media capabilities.

CloudSandwich is a Software as a Service hosted in the cloud.

Core components:

  • File Vaults – store, manage, share, collaborate, present, deliver digital assets
  • Project management  individual, cross-team collaboration, tasks, milestones, discussion
  • Video Reel Builder  – build, send, save video playlists
  • Mix Media Builder –  build, send, save mix file packages (Video, docs, images,audio)
  • Sent File Tracker –  tracks all sent files, video reels, images and presentations
  • Communities – connects the knowledge inside and outside the company
  •  Company Portal – employee generated groups, events, news and videos
  • Company Networking – leverages the business relationships in an organization.

We are currently working with select companies in healthcare and entertainment.

Our focus has been not to create one platform that services all markets but to have ONE platform based on a common code base – in the cloud – with modified branches to service a number of specialized markets and workflows. To date CloudSandwich has launched three branches.

Cloud Sandwich is a fully developed, documented and custom coded LAMP, Zend framework software platform. Its infrastructure runs on an Amazon EC2 cluster. Its production farm is custom configured to provide robust fault tolerance and scalability developed specifically for our application. Currently it has the capacity to store virtually unlimited data, transcode and broadcast an unlimited amount of video, and instantly scale out and in our systems to handle load spikes.


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